The GAMER WATCH is a NO CHEAT forum. Used for one purpose, to report CHEATERS.
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 How to report a cheater on PS3/PSN (TOOL)

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PostSubject: How to report a cheater on PS3/PSN (TOOL)   Sun Feb 19, 2012 7:36 pm

Here is how to report PSN cheater.

There is both a US Complaint Form and an EU Grief Report Forum, simply fill them out and submit them depending on your region.

Here is when to report users, to quote: You may report a user who is acting inappropriately or in breach of the PLAYSTATION�®Network Terms of Service. If a user is not violating the Community Code of Conduct as set forth in the PLAYSTATION�®Network Terms of Service, please do not register a complaint.

False reporting may result in a restriction or suspension of your PLAYSTATION�®Network account(s). SCEA will process all complaints. SCEA does not disclose to individual users the status or results of individual complaints.

  • US Complaint Form

  • EU Grief Report Forum
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How to report a cheater on PS3/PSN (TOOL)
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